Crossfade Productions has worked with a huge variety of talented individuals however this portion of the client section is reserved for musicians and bands we work with on graphic and video design on a regular basis.
If you would like to view more of my creative work then please visit my portfolio.

  • Technical Death Metal

    Berried Alive is a project by guitarist, songwriter, and self-producer from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, Charles Caswell. Him and his partner produce a variety of genre bending metal music, ranging from hip hop to death metal.

    I have been working with Berried Alive since 2017.
    I am in charge of merch, website, graphic and video design.
    Berried Alive have also been kind enough to reccomend me to a plethora of other musicians, who i now also work alongside.

    Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 10.56.59.png

    Examples of work:

    Fuego Cover.jpg
    Make It Work.jpg
    Surgery on a grape artwork.jpg
  • Progressive Metal

    Andromida is a one man progressive metalcore project by composer and producer, Ramon Gutierrez.
    Diagnosed as legally blind at a young age, Ramon naturally felt a strong connection with music. He originally started learning Violin at 3 years old but found sheet music difficult to read and ended up finding a love for guitar. All production, writing and recording is done by Ramon.

    I am in charge of all visual design aspects for Andromida including videos, artwork, logos and merchandise.

    The Mandalorion.jpg

    Examples of work:

    The pathogen downfall.jpg
    Isolated Tee Mockup.jpg
    Dissimulation Cover.jpg
  • Dubstep

    Synflex produces high quality electronic music with dubstep and EDM influences, he often incorporates other famous artists from the scene in his music. He has been published by multi-award winning labels and promotional channels and regurlarly releases new and hot music based on what's trending in the charts.

    I began my partnership with Synflex in 2018, creating his brand design, including a logo, symbol and social media designs.

    Since then I have been granted the privilege of doing all his album artwork and continue to work with Synflex on a regular basis.

    Synflex - Violence.jpg

    Examples of work:

    Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 14.38.14.png
    My Dream Cover.jpg
    Skeleton Strut.jpg
    Profile Photo.jpg
  • Progressive Rock

    Alex Coombes is a guitarist, composer, producer and teacher from the UK. He specialises in virtuoso progressive rock music, creating a variety of sounds. He produces all his own music and offers lessons in both guitar and production.​

    I am tasked with creating Alex's artwork, website, logos and video production work.

    I started working with Alex in 2017 and have been steadily building a marketing plan with him, since then we have gone on to create a website, multiple merch designs, audio visualisers and album artwork.


    Examples of work:

    The Foreigner2.jpg
    Infinity Gate.jpg
    The Bride.jpg
  • Youtube Musician

    With the rise of instrumental music making its way into the ears of more and more listeners, Gerry Trevino is among the elite of other guitarists bringing the genre to the forefront on Youtube.

    He does a lot of video game music covers but also writes, records and produces his own original music.
    I work with Gerry on his abum art, logo and marketing materials.

    Every month Gerry releases a new song for download.

    Sonic Medley.jpg

    Examples of work:

    Jump Up Artwork.jpg
    Album Artwork.jpg
  • Heavy Metal

    UK Metal Project IO is the brainchild of The One-Man-Metal-Machine that is Mike Webster.

    Conceived in 2019 out of the grey skies of Derby England, Mike presents his own style of metal: the most intense, the heaviest and the loudest music available right now.

    From playing extensively with live bands in the past, he decided to experiment with writing on his own without any boundaries.

    I helped mike work on his latest album, which included a website, merch designs, album art and print templates.

    Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 11.30.21.png

    Examples of work:

    T-Shirt MockUp_Front.jpg
    Out Of Nowhere.jpg
    Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 11.27.54.png
  • Thrash Metal

    Reaper is a four-piece metal outfit from Liverpool, England. They have been Merseyside Metal to the Masses Champions, named one of Moshville Times' Top 3 Newblood bands at Bloodstock '17, self engineered and released their debut disc, "Birth of Chaos", played with a self-sourced and self-conducted orchestra.

    I work with reaper regurlarly on merchandise, artwork and audio visualisers.
    In 2020 we started planning the launch of a website and a schedule for a new album release.

    Profile Photo.jpg

    Examples of work:

    Sigil Cover.jpg
    Reaper - Death Games.jpg
  • Deathcore

    Prey the fox is a death metal/deathcore band formed in Arlington, Texas.

    Incorporating soft melodies and hard breakdowns, the band strives to create original tunes that break boundaries and push the limits of the genre.

    I have designed a ton of artwork for Prey The Fox and audio visualisers are in the works. I hope to one day create a website for the band also. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open PTF coming 2021.


    Examples of work:

    Dismiss Album Cover.jpg
    Mourning Cover.jpg
    3 Paths Artwork.jpg
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